Blanca Bercial

Blanca Bercial (1988) is an artist-scholar working in the field of Sound Studies and Listening Practices. She recently graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Master of Arts in History and Theory of Contemporary Art, which culminated with an Outstanding Thesis Award from the institution with the thesis Listening to the Inframince—An Artistic Sensibility to Listening to the Liminal Crossings of Sound.

Originally from Madrid (Spain), she has been living in San Francisco since 2018, when she started her research on the soundscape of this city. Blanca writes poetry and short story for independent publications and has recently published a poetry-artist book entitled Trash Poems with La Granja Editorial. Blanca studied Mandarin Chinese at the Beijing Language and Culture University, and lived in that city from 2012 to 2017, while she worked in different non-profit art spaces. She received her BA in the field of Mass Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2011.

Blanca Bercial (1988) es una artista e investigadora en el campo del arte y la escucha sonora. Recientemente, se ha graduado por el San Francisco Art Institite con una maestría en Teoría e Historia del Arte Contemporáneo, que culminó con un galardón extraordinario por su tesis Listening to the Inframince—An Artistic Sensibility to Listening to the Liminal Crossings of Sound.

Originalmente de Madrid, Blanca ha estado viviendo en San Francisco, CA, desde 2018, cuando comenzó a investigar el paisaje sonoro de esta ciudad. Escribe poesía y relato corto y ha publicado recientemente un libro de arte-poesía con la Editorial La Granja bajo el título de Trash Poems. Blanca estudió chino mandarín en la Beijing Language and Culture University, donde vivió desde 2012 a 2017 mientras trabajaba en diferentes espacios de arte. Anteriormente se licenció en la facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid en 2011. 

Lectures / Interviews
Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous, Stanford, Paradoxes and illusions: innovative and disruptive concepts of art
Podcast Audium Listens #2 Sound & Silence - Blanca Bercial  ︎
SFAI SESSIONS Vol. 2 A Silence Hangs in the Air  

MA in History and Theory of Contemporary Art
San Francisco Art Institute, 2020

Awards and Recognitions
Outstanding Thesis Award 2020, San Francisco Art Institute, MA History and Theory of Contemporary Art
Anne Bremer Memorial Library's
37th Annual Artists' Book Contest
Anne Bremer Memorial Library's 36th Annual Artists' Book Contest

Recovecos I
Recovecos  II
Recovecos III

Assistant curator
Contemporary Chinese Ink, Xian Space, Beijing, China
I am Because of you《吾之所在,皆因汝存》Marina Abramovic, Tomas Saraceno, Katharina Fritsch, Kaneuji Teppei, Michael Armitage, Cheng Ran, Guan Xiao, Qu Xiaofei, Song Yige, Sun Xun, Marc Quinn, YUAN Space, Beijing, China
Orange Blue – In the Process of a Film《橙蓝̶进程中的电影》, Cheng Ran, YUAN Space, Beijing, China
YUAN Museum Preparatory Committee Archive Exhibition 元美术馆筹建档案展, YUAN Space, Beijing, China
Dancing with Virtuoso《与大师同行̶所见及所思》 YUAN Space, Beijing, China
The Skin of the Sea《海相》展览开幕, Manuel Valencia, YUAN Space, Beijing, China
Yiban, 余友涵 一斑, Yu Youhan, YUAN Space, Beijing, China
Enigma 谜, Pierre Coulibeuf, YUAN Space, Beijing, China

THE EYE, San Francisco Art Institute newspaper, 2019-2020
Caja 8, 8柜, Beijing, China, 2015-2017

At Audium Theater (Photography by David Shaff )