A ras del suelo / 2023

El lazo izquierdo narra la historia de una paloma que quiere ser humana; el derecho sobre una humana que quiere ser paloma. 

Ojo! Se lee al ras. 

The shoelace on the left narrates the story of a pigeon who wants to be human; the one on the right of a human who wants to be a pigeon.

Note: They can only be read close to the ground. 
Poems down to earth / 2023
Pffffffffffff Vol.II / 2023
Pfffffffffffffff / 2022-23
Audio Book / 2020 Wood, back spray, mylar, cord
((Transmitting sound ))

Handle with Care / 2020 Pins, nails, fishing hooks, fabric, metal wire

Handle with Care / 2020
Typewriter on petals

Anne Bremer Memorial Library’s 37th Artists’ Book Contest Award

Trash poems / 2019

Shredded poems in a jar

Anne Bremer Memorial Library’s 36th Artists’ Book Contest Award
I’ve been taking photos in the streets of San Francisco from 2017
I wrote a poem for every one of them
Photos and poems inhabit this jar as TRASH
Their subjects inhabit the streets
Day after day
Living and non-living inhabit the unseen