Llanuari / 2022
Sound poem
Duration: 2’34”
From Praxinoscope

How does January sound?
Google answers > jan·yoo·eh·ree

I have found an online voice generator where I could type any word to be pronounced by different voices.

“Insert your text here”

Next to it, there was a scrolling drop-down where I could choose from over 20 names:
Alex, Fred, Samantha, Victoria, Daniel, Fiona, Karen, Moira, Rishi, Tessa, Veena, Alice, Alva, Amelie, Anna, Carmit, Damayanti, Diego, Ellen, Ioana, Joana, Jorge, Juan, Kanya, Kyoko, Laura, Lekha, Luca, Luciana, Maged, Mariska, Mei-Jia, Melina, Milena, Monica, Nora, Paulina, Sara, Satu, Sin-ji, Thomas, Ting-Ting, Xander, Yelda , Yuna, Yuri, Zosia, Zuzana.

I could choose for each one of them to read January out loud. I did.

The pronunciation of “January” replicates strong accents speaking in English from their associated nationalities.

Who decides the voices that our technology has? Is it a male, female, non-binary voice? Is it soft? High pitched? Is it sensual? Is it hoarse? The voices are personified by geographical designated names and their corresponding accent in English. The prejudice is noticeable.

I recorded the sound of each one of those voices pronouncing “January” and passed them through a variety of filters using a Digital Audio Workstation until January slightly detached from its semantical properties. The musicality of the accents shadowed the meaning of the word, and by the various possibilities of pronouncing one same word, January became a multiplicity of sounds.

How does January sound?
What are its sound properties?
What feelings might the sound of January evoke?

TRASH poems 

Published by La Granja Editorial ︎

I’ve been taking photos in the streets of San Francisco from 2017
I wrote a poem for every one of them
Photos and poems inhabit this jar as TRASH
Their subjects inhabit the streets
Day after day
Living and non-living inhabit the unseen

Desde que llegué a esta ciudad, he estado fotografiando el suelo.
Día tras día, me cruzo con los mismos objetos inanimados.
Ante la falta de comunicación, les escribo un poema.
Vivos e inanimados habitan las calles de San Francisco.

Caja poética 

Objetos sin lugar asignado encuentran su sitio en una caja de lugares designados.

Lost objects without a fixed place at home found their place in a box of designated places.


Una calle madrileña

Published in THE EYE 
Carta a Marcel

Published in THE EYE
GLORIA DIVERSA Contestando a los versos de Gloria Fuertes From Caoscopia, Proyecto Genoma Poético
yo quisiera haber sido del circo

si no existieran los payasos

desde siempre las frutas se cogen del árbol

o de la tragaperras

aún con la boca llena de tierra

Diles Que No Me Maten

algunos nunca tuvieron nada

como pan sin nocilla

ven a jugar al “no me da la gana” 

El mundo no necesita un modelo original

¡Queremos helado! ¡Queremos helado!

para mí de pistacho

y para ti de nata con un barquillito    


Published in Food& 

You want to erase a shadow,

                                                                and I want to make it sound.