Community Noise / 2019
4.1 Channel Audio
Duration: Infinite
From Liminal Collective

In two decades the medium rent for communities of color and low-income communities in the Bay Area has risen 30%. This has catalyzed the migration of these communities into racially and socioeconomically concentrated areas. The Bay Area is slowly resegregating. At a divergent point in the process, the homes of some grew expiration dates while for others, the longevity of their ownership was assured. For brief moments these groups still live side-by-side. Community Noise seeks to sonically represent the tension at this divergent point. In a city of changing demographics deep listening can be difficult and communication is often impeded by myriad noises arguing atop an uncertain future. This work invites listeners to experience that complicated dialogue as a spectrum of sounds ranging from harmful to healing, assumption to knowing, an dissonant to harmonious.