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Félicitations Georges,
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Georges Perec’s book “The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise” can be found at the Jobs & Career Center of the San Francisco Public Library (4th Floor).

I documented this encounter and left a note for Perec that reads “Congratulations George, Even dead you are still mocking us all. Kisses, Blanca”

Here is the synopsis of the book, published by Verso:
/ 2022
Poema autobiográfico
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No sé qué significa pero me he divertido / 2021
Matches, water
The Creek / 2021
Typewriter on paer, water

The Creek (drying up) / 2021
Typewriter on paper, water

We can’t talk all at once / 2020
Typewriter on paper


Vernissage / 2020
San Francisco Art Institute
Artist Statement

Not cages / 2020
Galvanized steel wire

Self Care, Health Care, Dental Care, Skin Care, Life Care, Don’t Care, Care Taker, Care Plan, Personal Care, Hair Care, Primary Care, Child Care, Palliative Care, Critical Care, Take Care, Give Care...

Living in San Francisco, I have heard phrases containing the word ‘care’ countless times, to the point that I started questioning if the word has lost its meaning from extreme use. Care, like barbed wire, only hurts if we are close enough to handle it. 
Who cares? Who really cares when we say we ‘care’? 
To care is to be hurt. Yet, the closer we get to the unknown, the more we care.

Stiffness can’t stop the water / 2020 Single channel video Collaboration with Lexygius Sanchez Calip

Ouroboros / 2020
Single channel video
From Photography Without Camera / Machine Gaze

Obra parte de la exposición Photography Without Camera II. ¿Cómo podríamos fotografiar sin cámaras? ¿Cómo ejercemos una función fotográfica entre nosotros? Ouroboros presenta un loop infinito de fotografías en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. El ojo está tomando fotografías constantemente,una narración de memorias fotográficas. Cada vez que mi ojo se cierra, tomo una fotografía de la persona que está mirando el vídeo, que a su vez, toma fotografías de mi ojo al mirarlo con los suyos, ambos nos encontramos en un uroboros fotográfico, en una fotografía constante.

How could we take photographs without a camera? How do we photograph each other?